K's Statuary

A Concrete Concept — The Life and Legacy of Joseph Kilbel

Over 50 years ago, Joseph Kilbel started what is now known as K's Statuary.
Below is a look into the true meaning of a "Family Business".

27″ Lady of Grace/Virgin Mary Full Color

FRA9plq-St. Francis wall plaque 8.5″ x 5″

FRA30-St. Francis 30″

FAT28-Our Lady of Fatima 28″

ANT18-St. Anthony 18″

SHJ17-Sacred Heart of Jesus 17″

CH12LE-Ledge Angel/Cherub 12″

FRA24-St. Francis w/birds and deer 24″

JOS28-St. Joseph and Child 28″

FRA18-St. Francis 18″

JOS17-Joseph and Child 17″

THE21-St. Theresa 21″

OLV25-Our Lady of Victory 25″

IC26-Immaculate Conception 26″

LOG33-Lady of Grace Round Base 33″

FRA25T-Traditional St. Francis 25″

IHM21-Immaculate Heart of Mary 21″

CH12P-Cherub Praying 12″

AG41G-Grand Rose Angel 41″

AG24PR-Angel standing and Praying 24″

AG36PR-Angel standing and Praying 36″

IHM24-Immaculate Heart of Mary 24″



LOU24-Our Lady of Lourdes 24″

GUA21-Our Lady of Guadalupe 21″

IHM15-Immaculate Heart of Mary 15″

JOW21-Joseph the Worker 21″

LOG17-Lady of Grace 17″

IHM21-Immaculate Heart of Mary 21″

LOG16-Lady of Grace w/rose base 16″

FRA36-St.Francis w/basket

FRA24B-Baby St. Francis 24″

MAD27-Madonna & Child 27″

LOG15-Praying Lady of Grace 15″

LOG18-Lady of Grace 18″

LOG22-Lady of Grace 22″

LOG24-Lady of Grace 24″

PAT32-St. Patrick 32″

LOG12-Lady of Grace 12″


Large Garden Girl

Small Garden Girl


Boy kissing girl



Rankai Arm Lantern

Ribbon Stone

Puppies Welcome Sign

JOS12-St. Joseph 12″

Giant Sunface

Cheeky Sunface


LOG36-Lady of Grace 36″


Pigs Welcome Sign

Girl w/hat and roses/plain bench

CH8HK-Cherub Hugging Knees 8″

AG13M-Memphis Angel 13″

Pelican Set

Tiki Head

Venus and Base

Veined Gargoyle

Large Gargoyle and Base

CFX12-Medium Crucifix 12″

CFX19-Large Crucifix 19″

FRA30-St. Francis 30″

MIC23-St. Michael 23″

Small Chubby Angel

FRA18-St. Francis 18″

AG24PR-Standing Praying Angel 24″

CRS18-Cross 18″

CRS23-Cross 23″

17″ Football Bulldog

Roman Senior Flower Pot

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FRA25T-Traditional St. Francis 25″

Police Department Stone

Fire Department Stone

Armed Forces Stones

FRA26-Hooded St. Francis 26″

Large Eagle w/4 foot wingspan

SHJ35-Sacred Heart of Jesus 35″

IHM34-Immaculate Heart of Mary 34″

MIC23-St. Michael 23″

Rearing Horse

Standing Horse

LOG55-Lady of Grace 55″

XL Eagle

Lion w/paw on ball Large

XL Wolf

Love Birds

Buddha w/cup

Long Earred Buddha

Fan Buddha

Asian Children

Small Foo Dog

When Someone you Love becomes a Memory Plaque

A Heart of Gold Plaque

Your Memory is a Keepsake Plaque

Stairway to Heaven Plaque w/rock border

Behold the Flowers of the Field Planter

Amish Boy and Girl Doll Statue

Protected by Gargoyle Plaque

Girl w/basket

Girl with cascading roses

Buddha small

Man and Woman Golfer Medium

Large Golfer Statue

I Love my Cat (short haired)

I Love my Cat (long haired)

AG14LL-Angel, Lion and Lamb 14″

Fire Hydrant

Susie in the Straw Hat w/bench

Piglets Welcome

Fallen Soldier Memorial

Sleeping Angel on Bench

Medium Gargoyle on Base


Gargoyle Large

Gargoyle Medium

Gargoyle with chain base

Cat with Yarn

Easter Island Head

Billikin (Good Luck Statue)

Gnome with Beer Stine

Scottie Dog

Large Goose

Right and Left Lions

Ivy Bench

Angel Bench

Small Puppy

Gnome with Broom

Laying Deer

Cat with Bow

I Love My Miniature Schnauzer Wall Plaque

Lantern Bench

I Love My Dachshund Wall Plaque

I Love My German Shepherd Wall Plaque

I Love My Bulldog Wall Plaque

Leaf Birdbath

Squirrel Birdbath

Traditional Birdbath

Mini Birdbath Base and shell

Colonial Birdbath

Pineapple Birdbath

Tall Pee Wee Birdbath

Large Toad

Large Frog

Gnome w/deer

Gnome w/accordion

AG25R-Rock Angel 25″

Victorian Angel Sitting on Bench w/vines and grapes

Hog on Motorcycle


Tall Memorial Urn Square

Memorial Urn

Small West Minister Flower Pot

Acanthus Urn

Ivy Flower Pot

Flower Royal Urn