K's Statuary

12″ Angel Holding Cross

12″ Angle with wings out

17″ Immaculate Conception

Angel sitting on Moon

Jesus Sitting w/children 20″

Memorial Stone-Pet-Beloved Friend

Shell Grotto for 15″-18″ Saints shown with 18″ Blessed Mother

30″ One Piece Nativity

Memorial Stone-Pet

Memorial Stone-Pet

27″ Our Lady of Lourdes Full Color

Small Angel Holding Flower

Large Cross Fish

22″ St. Joseph and Child

24″ Pieta-Mary and Jesus

Memorial Stone-Until we meet again.

27″ Lady of Grace/Virgin Mary Full Color

FRA9plq-St. Francis wall plaque 8.5″ x 5″

FRA30-St. Francis 30″

FAT28-Our Lady of Fatima 28″

ANT18-St. Anthony 18″

SHJ17-Sacred Heart of Jesus 17″

CH12LE-Ledge Angel/Cherub 12″

FRA24-St. Francis w/birds and deer 24″

JOS28-St. Joseph and Child 28″

FRA18-St. Francis 18″

JOS17-Joseph and Child 17″

THE21-St. Theresa 21″

OLV25-Our Lady of Victory 25″

IC26-Immaculate Conception 26″

LOG33-Lady of Grace Round Base 33″

FRA25T-Traditional St. Francis 25″

IHM21-Immaculate Heart of Mary 21″

CH12P-Cherub Praying 12″

AG41G-Grand Rose Angel 41″

AG24PR-Angel standing and Praying 24″

AG36PR-Angel standing and Praying 36″



IHM15-Immaculate Heart of Mary 15″

JOW21-Joseph the Worker 21″

LOG17-Lady of Grace 17″

IHM21-Immaculate Heart of Mary 21″

LOG16-Lady of Grace w/rose base 16″

FRA36-St.Francis w/basket

FRA24B-Baby St. Francis 24″

MAD27-Madonna & Child 27″

LOG18-Lady of Grace 18″

LOG22-Lady of Grace 22″

LOG24-Lady of Grace 24″

LOG12-Lady of Grace 12″

LOG36-Lady of Grace 36″

CH8HK-Cherub Hugging Knees 8″

AG13M-Memphis Angel 13″

CFX12-Medium Crucifix 12″

CFX19-Large Crucifix 19″

FRA30-St. Francis 30″

MIC23-St. Michael 23″

AG24PR-Standing Praying Angel 24″

CRS18-Cross 18″

CRS23-Cross 23″

FRA25T-Traditional St. Francis 25″

FRA26-Hooded St. Francis 26″

SHJ35-Sacred Heart of Jesus 35″

IHM34-Immaculate Heart of Mary 34″

MIC23-St. Michael 23″

When Someone you Love becomes a Memory Plaque

A Heart of Gold Plaque

Your Memory is a Keepsake Plaque

Behold the Flowers of the Field Planter

AG14LL-Angel, Lion and Lamb 14″

Sleeping Angel on Bench

Victorian Angel Sitting on Bench w/vines and grapes